How I store my sewing supplies!

Hey guys! I really like looking at other sewer's work stations and how they store their supplies. I don't have a dedicated sewing room so I keep some of my supplies in my bedroom and some in the same room as my two sewing machines. Hopefully this post will give you some ideas on how to store certain supplies in a limited space!
Room Number 1

In my bedroom, I keep the sewing supplies that I don't use often, such as extra threads, buttons, zips, trimmings etc. There isn't any need to keep them downstairs as it takes up space and I like keeping it organised. The cardboard box in the photo fits nicely into my wardrobe so it prevents any dust getting into the containers.

Due to the limited space, I have bought a spool thread hanger to put up on a wall. I'm actually okay with that, as the way I store my threads prevents dust getting to them or someone randomly playing with my threads or making fun of my larger thread stash (I see you mum and dad)! I use a Cel…

Happy New Year and top 5 makes of 2018!

Happy New Year!

I hope you guys have had a wondering Christmas holidays and wonderful start to the New year! 2018 has been full of ups and downs for me, including graduating with a First Class in Chemistry, having to put my beloved German Shepherd to sleep and still hunting for the right job.

Nevertheless I carried on sewing clothings and in fact have made 27 pieces of clothing (not including alterations and repairs). Surprisingly I think majority of my favourite clothes have been made towards the end of the year, and to be honest I don't think I made that many clothes towards the beginning of the year as I was at uni!

I thought I would round up on my Top 5 makes of 2018 to see why they are my top makes and does that reflect on how much I have been wearing them!
Black floral dress: This is one of my favourite makes because unfortunately I have quite a few scars on my legs from eczema and stupid hair removal methods so I'm not that confident wearing short dresses. This dres…

I've made trousers!

Hi guys!

So in my recent post called Autumn 2018 Sewing Plans I mentioned that I have been wanting to sew trousers, but had been struggling with getting the pattern and fit right. However I have FINALLY managed to get the pattern correct and fit on point, and I am soooooo happy! I thought I would break down the process on making my trousers, pattern, fit, sewing process, fabric.
Pattern and Fit Pattern draft 1: So initially I planned on using the McCalls 7726 sewing pattern as I wanted a paperbag waist style trousers and I thought I would learn how to use a proper sewing pattern (rather than draft it myself). However, upon sewing up a toile (well done me), I just couldn't understand why the pocket construction was made so confusing! I had seen some other sewers mention something about the pockets being a bit hard to do with the pleats, but maybe because it was all new to me I got more confused.

Nevertheless, I thought I would redraft the pattern and put my own simple slanted poc…

Walthamstow Fabric Haul 2018

Hi guys,

So as you are probably aware there is a saying 'Shop till you drop'...... well lets just say I did that with my fabric shopping haul the other week. Literally dropped. I came back from shopping with two massive Sainsburys heavy duty shopping bags over filling with fabric, plonked them on the floor, ran into my living room and fell on the floor feeling exhausted from shopping.... to the point I strained my arms and was in agony over the weekend. WHAT. AN. IDIOT!

But of course it was all in good cause because I am so pleased with what I got! In total I bought 17 pieces of fabric and roughly 55 meters in total (no wonder my arms were hurting!)

Although it might not seem like a lot of fabric but my aim of this haul was to get more winter appropriate fabric so some heavy ponte knit fabrics and suiting fabrics so they are quite thick!

Hamid Fabrics:

So Hamid Fabrics was the first shop I went to. From left to right:
Green satin fabric was £2 p/m and I got two meters which I i…

SINGER 195K1 Industrial Sewing Machine

Hi guys,

I recently acquired a SINGER 195K1 industrial sewing machine from my aunty, which was in much need of restoration! I thought I would share some photos of the restoration which will hopefully give inspiration to others.

Unfortunately the machine had been left outside for a few weeks so the machine rusted up quick badly as shown. Luckily the motor was working but it was quite noisy from all the debris in the motor from the rust. To be honest, we was considering whether it was restorable! The table especially, since made of wood, had been really damaged from the rain.

Nevertheless, my dad went ahead with the restoration. From what I recall, he first sanded down the metal to get rid of the rust, cleaned out the inside of the motor, cut a chunk of the table off since it had been ruined too much from the rain and was damp, then used paint striper to remove the old paint and then spray painted it with Hammerite metal paint:

We also had to adjust the hook timing on the machine as the…