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DIY Wrap Skirt Pattern

Hi guys,

So in my last post (my Autumn sewing plans) I had mentioned that I am obsessed with wrap skirts. They suit my body shape and comfortable to wear. The pattern and sewing construction is really easy!

There are only a total of 5 pattern pieces needed! Before we start making the pattern, there are two measurements needed; Full hip/ butt measurement* and desired length of wrap skirt measurement. 
* measure around the fullest part of your hip i.e. around your butt! The reason for this is so that once darts are added to the top of the skirt, the skirt will nicely contour around your hips and will be a fitted skirt. 
Below are my measurements, which I will use to show how to calculate the lengths and widths of the pattern pieces.
Fullest hip/ butt measurement: 40" Length of wrap skirt: 32"
Pattern Piece A and C:  To simplify pattern piece A and C have the same measurements. To calculate the width of piece A and C, divide your fullest hip/butt measurement by 2.

My measuremen…

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