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10 Gift Ideas for someone who sews!

Hi guys!

Once again, I am sorry for not blogging recently; it has been over a month. It's not that I don't want to blog, but more so that I don't have any photos taken of anything I've made or any DIY tutorials, since I don't have my sewing machine here with me at uni. I want this blog to have more tutorials, rather than posts about things I've made since I don't use commercially bought patterns, therefore I can't review any companies or patterns like most bloggers do.

I do have an extensive list of blog posts that I want to upload when I go back home for Christmas, which include a variety of DIY tutorials and Christmas decorations. But I though even though I don't have any projects to show off, what better time to give some gift ideas for someone who sews! So lets begin!

1. Machine Sewing Needles 
Especially for those that are new to sewing or are on a tight budget, one of the items that we sometimes don't invest much attention to are our machin…

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